Some Writing Exercises

 Exercise #1

Using the Writer's Digest suggestions, rewrite your opening sentence in each of the seven ways they describe:

1.  A statement of eternal principle.

2.  A statement of simple fact.

3.  A statement of paired facts.

4.  A statement of simple fact laced with significance.

5.  A statement to introduce voice.

6.  A statement to introduce mood.

7.  A statement that serves as a frame.


Exercise #2

1.  Summarize the novel you're working on in a succinct paragraph of no more than 200 words.

2.  Summarize the novel you're working on in a single sentence of no longer than fifteen words.

3.  Give a one word summary of the novel you're working on.  Its subject, its theme, its essence.

4.  Rewrite your opening paragraph using the word want and also using the single word from #3.


Exercise #3

1.  In a single sentence answer each of the following.

a.  What is your protagonist's quest in this novel?  (For instance: To avenge the disgrace of his father.)

b.  What is your protagonist's greatest skill that will help him/her accomplish this?

c.  What is your protagonist's greatest weakness that will cause them to fail?

d.  What is your protagonist's greatest fear?

e.  How does your protagonist change as a result of their quest?


Exercise #4

Read your first page or two aloud (in class) and find the best opening sentence that is buried deeper in the text.


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